Guests live with the villagers as family members, sharing their kitchen, daily activities and are made to feel totally at home. You are welcome to join in with daily activities like milking the cow, cutting grass for the animals, collecting firewood and foliage from the woods and join in with the locals. The magnificent view of Kathmandu valley along with the sunset adds up the specialty of this Homestay.

Not far from the top of the ridge where Nagarkot can be found, you are well away from the noise and the crowds but close enough to easily go to admire the sun rising over the Himalayas, where on a clear day, you will see Everest in the distance.


Badly damaged in the earthquake, the community is shaking off the dust, rebuilding their homes and slowly getting back to normal. Income from the homestay has gone a long way in helping this process. The women are all learning English from youngsters in the village and are keen to communicate with their guests.


Rural yet not so far from the city, Bastola is not much more than a hamlet just down from Nagarkot that is made up of the extended Bastola family. There are 13 homes in this Community Homestay and the village offers a calm environment with panoramic views down the valley. Guests are accommodated in comfortable, simply furnished rooms with attached bathrooms. Meals are prepared from organically grown fruit and vegetables grown by the families.



There are plenty of choices for walking in the nearby forest, hiking to the top of the ridge and walking around to explore the surrounding area. There are waterfalls and the forest is peaceful and provides that much needed breathe of fresh air after the pollution of the city.

Sunrise over the Himalayas

It is a short walk to a temple and magnificent view point where you can admire the sun coming up over the Himalayas. Here you don’t have to jostle with the crowds who flock to Nagarkot to see the mountains.

Farming activities

Your hosts are farmers and welcome you to try your hand at any of the activities that make up their typical day. You might want to see how turmeric is grown and then harvested; or collect the tiny lapsi fruit that grow on trees and make delicious candy or sweet pickle.


Nagarkot Community Homestay: When ‘Excuse me’ means more than just getting out of the way! by Marianne Heredge

Enjoy living like locals in Nagarkot

$23 per guest per night

About Your Hosts

Nagarkot is home to a farming community, by day the villagers work in the fields tending to their crops and livestock. The children spend the day in the school and their evenings playing hide and seek.

What's Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Village walk
  • Seasonal Activites
  • Cooking class
What To Bring
  • Hiking Shoes
Experience Local Activities

Each community has authentic and local activities you can participate in. Hike through the Himalayas, dance with locals, learn pottery or spot tigers in the jungle - you will get to further explore Nepal’s culture with your local hosts.

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Cancellation Policy

Full refund will be issued if cancellation is within 48 hours of arrival. 50% will be charged if canceled within 48hours and 100% will be charged for no show.

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This experience requires little to no physical abilities 

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