Volunteering with Community Homestay

We aim to help local communities earn better livelihood by developing sustainable tourism experiences. With our motto of “responsible tourism”, we seek to empower and support local communities generate sustainable economic opportunities. We do this through training and investment in marketing, technology and physical infrastructure.

Staying with the local host families, you not only get to observe their traditions and be a part of their daily lives, but you also get to exchange ideas and skills that can help these communities improve the quality of their service, enhance their skills and preserve their culture.

Why Volunteer with us?
  • You can make a direct impact on the lives of local people by helping them improve their standards of living.
  • Help our initiative to develop sustainable tourism in Nepal.
  • With more than 20 communities spread across Nepal, you get a chance to interact with people from diverse cultures, regions and backgrounds.
  • Living with the locals, you can learn about their cultures and traditions, most of which have remained unchanged for generations.

How can you volunteer?

To support our endeavour you can collaborate with us and volunteer in a few of our homestays spread throughout Nepal. Here you can:

  • Teach the hosts and locals on how to interact with foreigners.
  • Provide basic health care and hygiene trainings.
  • Take an initiative to protect the environment by teaching the locals sustainable practices and/or engaging in planting trees.
  • Engage in cultural exchange programs in Schools.
  • Curate written and multimedia contents that can help promote the homestays.

If you feel there is something you can contribute to help the communities feel free to Contact Us.