Because of You

Shila Amatya, The wife of a tour and trekking guide at Royal Mountain Travel, she was a house wife with a small shop in her own house. When she was encouraged by Mr. Shiva Dhakal and her husband to form a team of women to set up the community homestay at Panauti, it seemed impossible. At first she had a difficult time convincing them and most of the local men were against it. She didn’t give up. Finally, she was able to form a committee of 13 women and they started the Panauti Community Homestay. She has helped local women to rise above society’s boundaries and has led a group of women who are now role models for many in Nepal.

Rama Acharya, Nuwakot It is always a hard job for a woman in a village to take a lead. It was the same for Rama. At the beginning the local men always managed things. However the homestay only got started once the women decided to take over its management. Rama was chosen as the leader. She faced difficult challenges in the initial stages. There were times when she felt low being a woman. But all those challenges made her stronger. Now, she is working together with the local women and handling the community quite well.

Women in Panauti, When the women were provided with language classes, the local men tried their best to discourage them and pulled their legs, laughing at them. While going to the school for their language classes, the women had to pass by a local tea shop. The men used to sit here and tease them as they passed by. Now, the same men see the women walk past on the road with their guests and talking with them in English. The men have realized that the women are capable of achieving great heights if given chance.

Poonam, grew from being just a girl growing up in a rural village, to working as the Impact Manager at the Community Homestay office.

The impacts you have on local people in the communities can be enormous. You don’t always see it, so this is why we are telling you their stories. You helped lay down the foundation of the future for these individuals and their communities. You have contributed to a chain of good! Keep up the good work and dare to make a difference.

How It Works

Our Story

From 2012 when the first homestay started in Panauti, there are now Community Homestays all over Nepal and the number is growing.


With the motive of women empowerment and responsible tourism, It all began with just one house and one woman in Panauti, a place rich in culture but almost no tourists to observe.


With few tourists coming in, ten more houses joined to become Panauti Community Homestay which is currently one of the most popular community homestays in Nepal. With support from Royal Mountain Travel, Belkot Community Homestay in Nuwakot got a new platform for upliftment and promotions.


A new model of Community Homestay was set up in Barauli, a rural Tharu village in Chitwan.


With the increasing demand of various community homestays to be promoted with a standard internationally, we setup the website,


The first dedicated staff were hired for the Community Homestay project.


Community homestay network P. Ltd was legally registered as a company and has been functioning through web platforms. Continues women empowerment project.


€225,000 grant received from Booking Booster, CHN has created more jobs, more promotions, more social investment, overall more impact.


We are working with a full dedicated team. Established several partnerships with amazing companies. We are creating a Homestay Management training & redesigned our website for a better service experience.

Meet Our Team

We are a Kathmandu based startup made of hip youth, driven to use tourism for good. We are mountaineers, artists, musicians, serial entrepreneurs.