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Panauti’s medieval town continues its culture, traditions, and prestige just as it was in the 13th century.

Panauti-Kushadevi Rd, Panauti 45209, Nepal
$14 /guest/night

Discover Tansen's fascinating History, Crafts and Lifestyle with your local host. You will stay in one of the 6 homestays in Tansen, the rooms though simply furnished, are comfortable and you are invited to eat with the family.

Palpa, Nepal

A beautiful village in Nuwakot District where you can have hands on experience of a typical village life in Nepal.

Trishuli Hwy, 44900, Nepal
$31 /guest/night

Patan, also known as Lalitpur, means City of Beauty. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to some of the finest temples and palaces in Nepal.

Nyakhachowk - Tapahiti Galli, Patan 44600, Nepal

With their very unique and characteristic culture, meet the Tharu people, Terai’s indigenous ethnic group.

Barouli, Nepal

In a transition from traditional rural to modern agricultural, this village just 40 kilometers from Kathmandu displays the best of both worlds. Patlekhet Community Homestay is only a couple of hours from Kathmandu but still keeps its rural village character.

Patalekhet 33200, Nepal

Located on the way to Nepal’s famous hill station at Nagarkot, Bastola is a tiny hamlet that looks across the Kathmandu Valley, surrounded by forest, rich biodiversity and culture.

Bastola Gaun Bus Stop, 11,, नगरकोट सडक, महामञ्जुश्री नगरकोट 44600, Nepal
$22 /guest/night

Dalla is located close to Bardia National Park in the mid-western Terai lowland hills of Nepal.

Bardiya, Nepal
$28 /guest/night

‘Tharu’ is one of the successful preservers of their centuries-old tradition and culture in the modern days of Nepal. Widely accepted as ‘Children of Nature’, Tharus - from their early existence have connected themselves with the protection of forest, nature, and have been following ‘agriculture’ as their major occupation.

Ratnanagar-8, Gothauli 44200, Nepal

Piprahar is a beautiful Tharu village just over 20 kilometers west of Narayanghat. There are altogether 22 small huts which are attached to the local family’s huts.

Rajahar 33000, Nepal