$46.00 /guest/night

Enjoy jungle safaris, village tours and other attractions around Chitwan National Park while getting to know the cultures and lifestyles of the indigenous Tharus.

H3FV+PCQ, Kumarwarti, Nepal
$31.00 /guest/night

Travel off the beaten path in Western Nepal at the Bardiya Community Homestay, staying with local Tharu people and exploring the wildlife in Bardiya National Park while travelling to Bardiya.

Thakudwara 21800, Nepal
$33.00 /guest/night

Inhabited around rich biodiversity and nature, at Nagarkot Community Homestay you can enjoy a calm environment with the panoramic scenes, fresh breeze on the lap of green forest, a soak in the waterfall, and the taste of delightful local cuisine, produced organically. Located on the way to the main town of ‘Nagarkot’, and a quick escape from the busy streets of Kathmandu, you can immerse yourselves in mesmerizing interactions living with the locals and discover the wonders of nature. At the homestay you can feel at home staying with the villagers as a family member, sharing their kitchen and daily activities.

Nagarkot Road, Mahamanjushree Nagarkot, Nepal
$23.00 /guest/night

Immerse yourself in nature and learn about organic farming practices at the Patlekhet Community Homestay, in the hills a short drive from Kathmandu. The Patlekhet Community Homestay is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a quick weekend break from Kathmandu, or who want to continue hiking around the hills and villages just outside the city. About 40 kilometres from Kathmandu, the scenery here is entirely rural. Patlekhet is situated in the hills, with views across to the high Himalaya in the north, and with dramatic cultivated farmland all around. A major attraction of staying at the Patlekhet Community Homestay is the food. You’ll see where it comes from, growing and living in the beautiful landscape of the village, and then you can enjoy eating the pure ingredients in home-cooked meals. You can even learn to cook Nepali dishes yourself by taking a cooking class with your host. A visit to Patlekhet is all about reconnecting with nature and appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

HJR3+QJQ, Patlekhet 45200, Nepal
$24.00 /guest/night

Ayodhyapuri Community Homestay is a rural village found in the Madi valley, just beyond Chitwan National Park’s southern boundary in Nepal’s lowlands. Hosts here are excited to welcome you into their community and share their Magar culture and the beauty of their village and the surrounding area. Wake to the crows of roosters, and enjoy your breakfast with views of rice fields, fish ponds, and the nearby jungle. Join your hosts in their daily activities, hike through the jungle to hidden waterfalls and ancient religious sites, explore the area by bicycle, and enjoy delicious local foods. Sitting at the doorstep of Chitwan National Park, you can easily combine a trip to the National Park with a stay at Ayodhyapuri Community Homestay, for the opportunity to experience both the wildlife of the Park, and the natural beauty and village life of the lesser-visited Madi region.

C9PV+45V, Madi Road, Madi 44200, Nepal
$35.00 /guest/night

Sorrounded with temples and hiking trails, Panauti Community homestay close to Kathmandu provides travelers with ideal combination of modern facilities and rural attractions.

Panauti-Kushadevi Rd, Panauti 45209, Nepal
$42.00 /guest/night

The community homestay is an ideal place to stay in Tansen, Palpa whlie enjoying culture, arts and heritages in the historic town.

Tansen 32500, Nepal
$23.00 /guest/night

Shree Antu Homestay is an exciting way to to experience peaceful area in Ilam amongst tea plantations, far from the bustling cities It’s a homely alternative to Shree Antu hotels.

Shree Antu, Nepal
$35.00 /guest/night

Sitting atop a ridge just 5 km from the center of Kathmandu in Nepal, the ancient city of Kirtipur is easy to reach, yet a world away from the bustle down below. Wander through Kirtipur’s narrow, car-free streets and experience traditional Newari culture, enjoy local Newari food, catch views of the mountains and Kathmandu Valley, visit the city’s many temples and stupas, or hike or mountain bike in the neighboring Hattiban Forest or to other nearby destinations. Rich in history and culture and surrounded by natural beauty, Kirtipur has a little something for everyone!

M7HG+HWX Kirtipur, Nepal
$44.00 /guest/night

Patan was once an independent kingdom, with remnants of its glorious past on display. Explore beautiful temples and Newari handicrafts at the Patan Community Homestay This homestay in Lalitpur, commonly known as Patan, is a collaboration between several homestays in the old town area. Guests stay in a family home within a Patan townhouse, most of which are located around traditional courtyards with a water tank, Hindu temples, and Buddha statues in the center. Patan is home to ethnic Newar people, the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. Their culture, language, cuisine, and arts are different from other Nepali groups. In fact, what many people consider to be ‘typical’ Nepali architecture in the Kathmandu Valley is in fact Newari architecture. While staying at the Patan Community Homestay you’ll get the opportunity to take a walking tour around Patan with an insider. Visit the famous Patan Durbar Square, Golden Temple, and other popular sites, as well as lesser-known courtyards and temples hidden down streets that you would probably miss is touring on your own. While staying at the Patan Community Homestay you’ll also get an insight into the unique Newari handicrafts and cuisine. Have a go cooking your own Newari cuisine, which you’ll find to be quite different from ‘mainstream’ dal bhat!

Nyakhachowk - Tapahiti Galli, Patan 44600, Nepal