$714.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Discover Tamang cultures as you trek through the Langtang region. The exotic Tamang heritage trail coupled with beautiful landscapes and meaningful interaction is one of the best way to trek in Nepal

Syapru Besi 45000, Nepal
$462.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

During a guided evening bike ride around the village, past vibrant green rice paddies, immaculate mud homes with giant piles of hay outside, and down to the banks of the Narayani River for a blood-orange sunset, you may be the only tourist around. This bike ride was a highlight of my stay in Barauli, as I got to see Tharu village life close-up.

Nawalpur, Nepal
$440.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Immerse yourself in an authentic Local Tharu culture close to Bardiya National Park with its unspoiled wilderness of grassland and riverine forest in the mid-western Terai region, the Community homestay in Dalla offers a peek into the lives of Danguara Tharus and opportunity to explore the rarest of wildlife in Nepal. Living with the locals in their traditional mud and wood houses you can get a glimpse of the way of life that has gone largely unchanged over time.

$99.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Discover Shree Antu and its people along side the tea culture while on this short trip in Nepal. Living with locals you can have a memorable holiday in this small valley surrounded by tea gardens.

Ilam 57300, Nepal
$569.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Kathmandu Valley is a paradise to explore and experience culture & nature. With its rich culture, diverse landscape, and spectacular scenery, this region offers amazing experience for travelers. The trip takes you to the surrounding towns and villages in Kathmandu where you can discover the cultures and experience traditions of various ethnic groups while enjoying the beauty of the natural landscapes in the region.

Nagarkot, Nepal
$1,484.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

The Red Panda Trail, in the eastern region of Nepal provides authentic wildlife-spotting activities, following the paths that local people use when navigating the area, and you are unlikely to see many other tourists.

Dobato lalbas, Ilam 57300, Nepal
$607.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

In a trek that takes you around villages connected by their community homestays, explore a less visited magnificent area close to the Annapurnas. Like the more popular Poon Hill trek or Annapurna base camp trek, this trek takes you through very similar landscapes.

Jomsom 33100, Nepal
$732.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

This trek is ideal trek if you prefer a trek off the beaten track where you can immerse yourself completely in the natural beauty of the Himalayas and meet a handful of locals in their tiny mountain communities.

Khopra, Shikha 33200, Nepal
$53.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Hike off the beaten path with a guide on this private day tour, explore cultures and lifestyles of hilly communities of Nepal and experience living with the locals in Panauti Community Homestay

Panauti, Nepal
$511.00 / guest Based on 2 Pax

Explore Tharu culture and wildlife in the remote locations at the far western region of Nepal. While especially appealing to nature lovers, this trip will be of interest to anyone wanting to get off the beaten track and to experience life and the culture of these interesting people in their villages. Your chances of seeing tigers in the Bardia National Park are much better here than anywhere else in Nepal.

Dhangadhi 10900, Nepal