Making your community a part of our family allows you to introduce your community, your tradition, your unique culture to the world. To become a host, there are no commitments required; it seeks your passion to open your houses to let the world explore your community.

Nepal is a rich country in terms of its unique culture, tradition, rituals, religions, multiple ethnicities, and arts and crafts. Each community living in their ancient norms and values, inside the country, possesses individual, diverse, and interesting characteristics. If a community is living separately to the other despite the mutual religion and ethnicity, there must be several logics and stories for such scenario, and this is the beauty of exploring Nepal.

So, Why Host?

1. It is easy to be handled via online. Once your Homestay is listed on, let us do the rest of the legworks. We ensure that the travelers heading to your city know about your community, the activity, and experience that you've listed on our site.

2. Introduce your Community to the world. List your community and let the world know about your community, tribe, lifestyle, and your culture. Let us help you to introduce your rich community to the world.

3. Spread your message and make friends all over the world. It is better, and a sustainable process for the cultural exchange program

4. Employment through Hospitality. By opening your houses to the travelers, you shall get paid for hospitality and your service. On one hand, we can preserve and spread our culture and on the other hand, you will also be financially supported.