About Patan Community Homestay

Lalitpur is believed to have been founded in the third century BC by the Kirat Dynasty, and was later expanded by Licchavis in the sixth century. It was further expanded by the Mallas during the medieval period. There are many legends about the name of Lalitpur, the most popular one relating to the god Rato Macchindranath. For a long time a separate city,...
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Property Amenities


  Toilet Paper


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What's Included
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Community walk

What visitor say about Patan Community Homestay

This homestay is a whole different and unique experience. You get to experience living in a local home, interacting with the local, learning how to cook the dishes and eating the way locals eat, definitely priceless. My host and her family are very accomo


Sumiko Hong

My homestays at Patan were both excellent. The locations of the homestays in Patan were ideal, the homemade food was delicious, the WiFi was pretty good, the host families were all very friendly. Staying with Community homestay provided a more authentic


Calum McCarty

Impact on

Patan is visited by masses of tourists every day, visiting the temples, staying at the many hotels and eating in the wide range of restaurants that can be found here. However there is a side of Patan that many visitors do not see or experience. The uniqueness and distinctness of Patan Community Homestay lies in its emphasis on making the guest experience a different Patan, and to enjoy its hidden beauty and untold stories. The Community Homestay focuses on supporting the overall development of Patan to contribute to its preservation and promotion. It aims to safeguard the precious culture and traditions that are too often threatened in this day and age.

Meet Your Hosts

Patan is home to a Newari community, they are mainly traders and farmers. The children spend the day in the school and their evenings playing arounf durbar square and temples.

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It's very easy to get there

Just 8.1 Km away from Kathmandu City Centre

  • By Private Vehicle - 25 Min
  • By Bus - 35 Min

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel the trip with CHN due to any unavoidable circumstances the following cancellation and refund will be applicable:Cancellations regarding stays and experiences only:The guest can c...
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House Rules

BehaviorGuests are required to behave in responsible manner, respect the local Communities, hosts, and other occupants in the homestays.Noise should be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and ...
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Patan Community Homestay