Just 36 km from Kathmandu, Panauti is a beautiful historic town and a perfect place to escape the noise and bustle of the capital city. Here you get close to the authentic lifestyle of Nepalese people, socialize with families in Panauti, and breathe in the fresh air of the lush countryside.


In 2013, fifteen women from Panauti formed this Community Homestay as a way of helping to raise their status and income through tourism. (Since 2013, the number of households offering homestays has risen to seventeen.) As in other parts of Nepal, the role of women is too often relegated to that of just a housewife, with little other opportunities. To challenge this, the women opened their houses to travelers from all around the world with the help of Royal Mountain Travel. By interacting with guests, they improved their English and found a way to make a sustainable income through tourism.


Panauti Community Homestay welcomes visitors into 17 homes all run by women whose motto is: “Run by Women for Women’s Empowerment”. The women run the homestays with their husbands and children also lending a hand.

The Community Homestay has allowed the local women to take on greater responsibilities in their homes and communities. This has given them confidence as they take care of and guide their guests around their town. After being provided English classes through the homestay program, the women can now communicate quite easily in English with guests, an achievement that some of them had never thought possible. Moreover, they are earning a living for themselves and their families. The homestay program has not only helped with economic improvement, but it has helped the women play a much stronger role in the community.

In addition, the environmental impacts of the homestay project are impressive. Most families have already installed solar panels in their houses. They have become more conscious about sanitation and hygiene, as well as waste management and organize waste management programs every month. This has inspired other families in the community too. A percentage of profits have been invested in education and scholarships for the children of Panauti.


Panauti historic centre

Panauti’s historic center is a fascinating place to explore. Visit the ghats and temples along the river and learn a little of the history of this town that was once a capital of a separate kingdom.

Community Hike (Sanga- Panauti)

With a local guide from Panauti, you hike along a little used route along the recently developed Sanga to Panauti trail. You pass a number of contrasting settlements of Tamang, Brahmin and Newar peoples. This is an easy-moderate 10 kilometers long hike along easy trails against a backdrop of beautiful mountain views.

Local Cuisine

Newari people are said to have the most creative and delicious cuisine. They use every part of the animal and have a wide range of local delicacies that they will be happy to introduce you to. Staying with your family, you are very welcome to join in cooking your meal.

Day Trip to Bhaktapur and Panauti from Kathmandu

This day tour takes you first to Bhaktapur, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that displays Newari architectural skills. You are then taken to Panauti where as well as visiting the historic town, you can experience the authentic Nepali-Newari hospitality and enjoy local home-cooked meals at one of the homestays.

Best time to visit?

Panauti is a wonderful place to visit through the year, September through May is recommended by most travel enthusiast as the best time to visit this city of history and charm.

Climate and Weather

Panauti at the altitude of 1,532 m has a warm temperate climate. Summer here have a good deal of rainfall with temperatures averaging 27° Celsius, while winters have very little rain with temperature averaging 10° Celsius.


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$27 per guest per night

About Your Hosts

Panauti is home to a farming community, by day the villagers work in the fields tending to their crops and livestock. The children spend the day in the school and their evenings playing football or hide and seek.

What's Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Village Walk
  • Seasonal Activities
  • Cooking Classes
What To Bring
  • Hiking Shoes
Experience Local Activities

Each community has authentic and local activities you can participate in. Hike through the Himalayas, dance with locals, learn pottery or spot tigers in the jungle - you will get to further explore Nepal’s culture with your local hosts.

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