One of the indigenous and culturally rich tribes in the Terai region of Nepal, but equally a very shy tribe, ‘Tharu’ is one of the successful preservers of their centuries-old tradition and culture in the modern days of Nepal. Widely accepted as ‘Children of Nature’,



Tharus- from their early existence have connected themselves with the protection of forest, nature, and have been following ‘agriculture’ as their major occupation. Be it their traditional homes, cuisine, lifestyle, or their cultural dance; every aspect of Tharu community is unique and beautiful.



Traditionally built huts in the Tharu Community Homestay offer an accommodation service in the local settlement, close to the local families, for the authentic local experience. It is also an opportunity to blend yourself with the typical lifestyle of a local Nepali family. The evergreen, beautiful, cherishing smiles of the local settlers are a humble invitation for the rest of the world to explore their elegant lifestyles, traditional values, and culture. Rooms are all well equipped with en-suite bathroom. Rooms are traditionally decorated to exhibit the finest taste of Tharu's history, art, and culture.



Fishing with locals

Whether you are into fishing or simply want to spend a day being a port of a local activity, you can join the locals in their local fishing experience doing it the old fashion way.


Tharu Culture Program

Dance itself is a delightful sight, Tharu Culture is enriched with their unique set of folk songs and cultural dances. It offers the opportunity for the people to express their culture and traditions in pleasing way.



Cylcing is fun, it’s probably the most common sports in the world. Why not take a ride to explore the beautiful Terai. You can explore the village and the surroundings by bicycle.


 Bird watching

In Chitwan National there are around 600 types of birds to see. If experiencing the wild plains of Nepal and bird watching interest you, we suggest you take a Bird Watching tour with one of our local guides. Our guides help you to spot and identify the different varieties of birds.


Jungle Walk in or outside Chitwan Park

You can go for a safari, with a very own host family - as no one can explain the beauty of their ancestral forest better than the Tharu themselves. Or simply walking into the local villages is also a great experience to souvenir. It is, solely, a time-travel experience to visit such Tharu settlements. Be a part of their life and feel like you are one of them.


Tips for an unforgettable stay in Chitwan

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Climate and weather

The climate in the Terai, the south of Nepal, the summer temperatures can exceed till 37 °C, and even higher in some areas. Winter temperatures range from 7°C to 23 °C, but during the nights the temperature drops tremendously with numbers below zero. The official winter starts in December and ends in February, although it already is starting to get cold in the middle of October.

$28 per guest per night

About Your Hosts

Tharu Homestay is home to the indigenous Tharu people. By day, the villagers work on their artisanal products & tend to their crops while the kids play near the jungle.

What's Included
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What To Bring
  • Hiking shoes

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