Panche Baja as the name suggests are a formation of 5 instrument band. The instruments used are The panche baja includes the jhyali (cybals), tyamko (small kettledrum) or dholak (drums), damaha (large kettledrum), narsiha (a long S-shaped trumpet), shehnai (a folk . oboe), and karnal (a wide-mouthed, straight trumpet with a bell that resembles the datura flower.)

The instruments are made out of selected woods, hides and metals. The carving and forging that are evident in the instrument add more glory to the sound. A complete chorus of these bands lead you to stories of the life journey as a whole


Now, this is still practised for mainly Wedding and Special Events where a community has to greet someone for their presence. This insturment has both the cultural and historical importance from east to west nationwide. It's a genuine form of Music practiced for all to understand and embrace the celebration.

These instruments are played with different rhythm to mark the festivity of the season. It is a normal sight these days to see Panche Baja being played during marriage ceremonies. Previously these instruments were used as a means of communicating from one peak of a hill to the other.

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Dhulikhel Enthnic Panche Baja in Patlekhet