Community Tourism: Building New Destinations and Enhancing Travel Experiences in Nepal

Tourism, a growing industry with economic benefits and a substantial workforce, is a double-edged sword. Often, the economic gains become concentrated among a few, undermining the overall advantages of travel. The unequal distribution of economic benefits within the communities of tourism destinations is a pressing issue. When marketing a tourism destination, a comprehensive understanding of its socio-cultural and environmental aspects is crucial. 

The Panauti Community Homestay: Meet the Pioneers behind Nepal’s Community Tourism movement
thirdeyemom | July 1, 2024

In the hills of Kathmandu Valley lies the ancient village of Panauti, renowned for its culture, traditions, and well-preserved Newari architecture. At the heart of the community is the Panauti Community Homestay a women-led initiative that started in 2012 and later became one of the founding members of the Community Homestay Network (CHN). Today CHN has spread to 36 communities throughout Nepal, creating hope, inspiration, and opportunity for rural communities worldwide.

A Trip back to where it all began: Nepal
thirdeyemom | June 6, 2024

Nepal is an incredibly special place for me. I was there 14 years ago on a life-changing trek with my dad. Both of us were celebrating milestone birthdays, and we set out to hike the Annapurna Trek with just a guide and a porter who became dear friends. This experience inspired me to start my blog, Thirdeyemom, and set me on the path of writing about sustainable, impactful travel for years to come.

Marketing Communications Tips for Supporting Community Tourism
Storytelling | June 3, 2024

In Nagarkot, I followed my homestay host through her steep, terraced garden. She taught me how to pluck squash from the vine, then watched carefully as I washed dirt from the leaves. In an open doorway, she boiled milk from the cow on a small charcoal stove. Both became part of my dinner, which I ate on my homestay family’s terrace overlooking the village, a rural community with 150 people.

Where women rule: The Nepali foothill community of Panauti
Lola Akinmade Åkerström | October 16, 2018

Rather than sit back and let tradition dictate how their lives should play out, these independently-minded Nepali women are building businesses, supporting one another and championing financial freedom.

Copy My Trip: A homestay tour of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Joe Bindloss | June 11, 2024

Lonely Planet writer Joe Bindloss recently traveled around Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, staying in community-run homestays. Here, he shares some tips and insights for anyone looking to plan a similar trip. 

For most of the travelers who descend into the hill-ringed airport in Kathmandu, Nepal is all about trekking, ideally on the breathless trails snaking around Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) and the Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges.

Community Haat Baazar
Crafting Connections And Building Opportunities Through The Community Haat Bazaar
Planeterra | Jan 10 2024

Tracing the journey from conception to realization, the Community Homestay Network and Planeterra recently joined forces to unite Glocal Community Tourism Network (GCTN) Nepal partners in a dynamic marketplace. Hear our story of how we turned an idea into a reality, along with the key takeaways and lessons learned from the event.

Barauli Homestay in Chitwan, Nepal: My Honest Experience
Bucketlistbri | Oct 19 2023

If you’re looking to visit Chitwan National Park on safari but would like a culturally rich experience as well, then consider doing a homestay in Barauli where you can stay with the indigenous Tharu locals.

In Nepal, homestays offer tourists food, culture, history while empowering locals and women
SouthChinaMorningPost | Sep 24 2023

When Shila Amatya opened her home to tourists nearly 15 years ago, it was a novel concept, frowned upon by neighbours. Today, the 44-year-old leads a community of 17 homes in the historic Nepali town of Panauti, providing both foreign and domestic visitors an alternative to hotels.

Purposeful travel by design: Can tourism lead the way to a sustainable future?
GOODTOURISM | Aug 30 2023

Purposeful travel involves more than just the joy of exploration. 

It encompasses a mindful approach that preserves the environment, empowers local communities, promotes ethical practices, and ensures a sustainable future. It’s a way to learn and grow while making a positive difference. 


Si estás cansado de las típicas experiencias turísticas y buscas algo auténtico, algo que te haga sentir como en casa lejos de ella, eso es, exactamente, lo que ofrece el turismo comunitario. Es como viajar a casa de un amigo local que te invita unos días a su conocer su pueblo y acabar convirtiéndote en uno más de la familia. Olvídate de las excursiones sin alma en las que pasas por pueblos y ciudades como si fueran un museo.

Community Tourism Development: CHN Case Study
TRAININGAID | Jul 17 2023

With the aim of maximising tourism’s benefits for rural grassroots communities, Community Homestay Network (CHN) in Nepal invests in tourism products and value chains through participatory approaches where locals are both participants and beneficiaries in tourism development.

Home away from home in Nepal
NEPALITIMES | Jun 23 2023

Nepal had just welcomed an all time high 1.2 million visitors in 2019 and was aiming to bring 2 million tourists the following year. Come March 2020 and everything ground to a halt. Thousands of Nepalis lost incomes, and faced an uncertain future.

Dive into the heart of Newar life in Panauti
NATHJYTRAVEL | Jun 23 2023

After spending the first days of our stay in the Kathmandu Valley, we are delighted to finally be immersed in a Newar family from Panauti. We take the road impatiently and discover on the way the multiple brick factories.

Explore the unspoiled wilderness of Far West

Days in Bhada, a small Tharu village in Kailali, are unhurried. Far away from the hubbub of a city, Bhada is your quintessential Tarai village: acres of yellow mustard fields, bullock carts and bicycles on the streets, and one-storey mud homes. And its people live life at their own quiet pace.

Unfolding Nepalese Women’s Entrepreneurial Journey
PLANETERRA | Mar 1 2023

When we hear the word entrepreneurship attached to women in Nepal, the first thing that comes to mind is all the barriers they might have to overcome while pursuing, scaling and sustaining it.

Finding a home away from home at the Patan Community Homestay

During my first two months into my visit to Nepal, I was met with the opportunity to live with a local family in the heart of historic Patan through the Community Homestay Network.

Rethinking the way we travel: A look into community-based tourism

Nepal has long been a tourist destination. Travelers have often come from far and wide seeking out the rich flora and fauna, mountains, and

The basics of Ranjana lipi

Community Homestay Network, a travel company, is organising the 5th edition of Ranjana Lipi and Aila Event.

Learning Ranjana Lipi and Paubha Painting in Nepal
ILAREDDY | Dec 30 2022

Ancient scripts and art forms are a gateway to history and culture — there’s so much to learn from them about a place and its people that I wonder why we don’t spend more time,

Touchdown Nepal
ILAREDDY | Dec 22, 2022

The first time I visited Nepal was in 2013. I scored cheap flight tickets and that was reason enough to make a trip. It was a short visit and much of it turned out to be a disaster,

Tourythm Community Magazine 2.Edition
TOURYTHM | Nov 01 2022

I don´t know how you feel, but my feeling is that we are at a tipping point. System thinkers and researchers remind us that systems get unstable

Experience the ‘far side’ of Chitwan National Park, Nepal
GOODTOURISM | Oct 27 2022

Between waves of the pandemic, in 2021 I had the opportunity to travel around Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. 

20 Reasons to Visit Nepal in 2023

Nepal is finally fully open to visitors and travelers, after two uncertain and testing years. After two years of being at a standstill,  

Has Travel Been Good for You? Here’s How to Return the Favor
WANDERFUL | Sept 20, 2022

I remember being in Chile’s Atacama Desert with friends on a clear, cold, and moonless night. Instead of standing and looking up at the distant stars,

Community-based tourism and how it works for a sustainable future

An integral part of the global economy, the tourism industry has grown rapidly over the past few decades, and is expected to continue its growth well into

Gender equality in tourism enterprises
ICIMOD | Jul 18 2022

Tourism is an important priority area for national and local governments across Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Community-based tourism

Promoting Nepal, one documentary at a time

The latest iteration of Imagine Nepal is an ambitious project that covers the entirety of Nepal in a total of 49 travel documentaries.

Five Ways Community-based Tourism Benefits the Locals

The COVID-19 crisis has given us time to reflect on past travel habits and the need to choose and explore more options to travel responsibly.

Experiences, opportunities push one to take on challenges
BUSINESS360 | Mar 26 2022

Aayusha Prasain, CEO of Community is not one to compromise on her values; she believes that one needs to be able to stand

Promoting homestays and transboundary tourism circuits in the Kangchenjunga Landscape
ICIMOD | Mar 20 2022

Tourism is a priority sector for national and local governments across Bhutan, India, and Nepal in the Kangchenjunga Landscape

Top 10 Community Homestays In Nepal

Spoilt for choice, if you want to stay in a family/community homestays in Nepal, then there are now more than 20 listed on the

Mountain tourism– Towards a more sustainable path
FAO | Dec 10 2021

Mountains offer an array of possibilities for tourists, offering a place to refresh, recharge and re-awake with the power of nature.

Impressions of eastern Nepal & the gem that is Ilam
GOODTOURISM | Nov 18 2021

Leaving the comforts of my home has always been not only exciting but also somewhat comforting to me. 

Barauli Community Homestay- Chitwan

In our session of Community Destinations, we are back with the Barauli Community Homestay that lies in the Chitwan. Being close

Project Koseli: A Covid response project that helps diversify the source of income
BLINCVENTURE | Oct 22 2021

The pandemic has brought sheer discomfort in all aspects of our lives. The impact can be seen significantly within the tourism-dependent

CHN reconnecting with local communities for tourism recovery
BUSINESS360 | Oct 8 2021

CHN noticeably helped to diversify the income source of tourism-dependent communities by introducing a new marketplace in 2020-2021.

Best Community Homestays in Nepal
NEPAL8THWONDER | Sept 28 2021

Generally, Community homestay means living with the local community in Nepal. There you will be observing the local culture and traditions

How community homestays contribute to experiential travel & tourism in Nepal
GOODTOURISM | Jul 22 2021

When we hear the words ‘experiential travel’ or ‘experiential tourism’, we don’t always think about them positively

Community Homestay Network: An Impact Driven Approach To Tourism In Nepal
NEPAL8THWONDER | Jul 12 2021

A social enterprise from Nepal, Community Homestay Network (CHN), has been featured by
Travel Pulse in a list of 25 companies changing

Advancing Responsible Tourism – Shiva Dhakal
BUSINESS360 | May 29 2021

The tourism industry in Nepal has, for a great length of time, been considered to be a staple for the domestic economy. A nation built around the diversity

Community Homestay Network Nepal
TRAVELBEGINS | Apr 18 2021

At Community Homestay Network, our focus is to bring the benefits of tourism to local communities. We work with communities

Nepal’s Community Homestay Network wins UNWTO Global Startup Competition for Transforming Tourism.
NEPAL8THWONDER | Feb 22 2021

The competition, which was supported by the United Nations Innovation Network, attracted some 10,000 initial proposals.

Sustainable Travel: An Interview with Shiva Dhakal Founder of Community Homestay Network Nepal

A year ago today, I set off to Nepal on a consultancy project as part of the work we do with Indian Experiences. A few weeks earlier, I had

Front Runners start-ups pitch winners brings innovation to the fore

Hotel reshopping engines, a community homestay network and a mobility analytics specialist have won the Front Runners Travel Tech Competition for startups, taking place at this year’s WTM London.

PATA Announces PATA Gold Awards 2020 Winners
PATA | May 14 2020

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) today announced the winners of the PATA Gold Awards 2020. Proudly supported and sponsored by the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO)

Community Homestay Network By Royal Mountain Travel-Nepal Wins The PATA Gold Award 2020 On Community Based Tourism
PATA | Sept 24 2020

The PATA Gold Awards recognizes exceptional achievement in a variety of endeavours, acknowledging and rewarding the very best of Asia Pacific’s travel industry.

25 Travel Companies Doing Good Things For The World
TRAVELPLUS | Jul 29 2020

Connecting with local community members is an essential part of travel, which is why we love

Experiencing it All on the Western Community Homestay Circuit

One of the best ways to understand the cultural variety of Nepal is by staying with locals. The women-run Community Homestay network throughout 

Supporting Women-Owned and Run Businesses in Nepal

Philanthropist Melinda Gates is often quoted as saying, “When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

How a community-based tourism & homestay network empowers women in Nepal
GOODTOURISM | Feb 4 2020

Tourism has the potential to change lives for the better.” Not only does this sound good in theory, but

Crafting Experiences at the Tharu Community Lodge

When you arrive at the Tharu Community Lodge you find yourself at the center of a very strange ritual, one that involves a series of friendly bark and

Women in Leadership

Ujita Nakarmi and Poonam Gupta Shrestha are two inspiring female leaders in their respective companies in the hospitality sector.

Cultural Immersion at the Tansen Community Homestay Nepal

Have you ever wanted to spend time with local people to get to know a place better? Have you ever dreamed of having friends when you arrive at a new place for the first time?

A Home Away from Home in Tansen, Nepal

We humans are strange animals. We are different and divided, yet our hearts long to connect to other souls. Deep in the mid-hills of Nepal, 

Community Homestay Network Awarded

Community Homestay Network was awarded Resilience through cultural diversity award on 31 May 2019 by International Institute for Peace through Tourism ( IIPT )

A Grass Routes Tour of Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokhara & Chitwan

Nepal is, of course, famously known for trekking, mountaineering, and the world’s highest peaks. But there’s so much more to the country.

An 8-Step Guide to Staying in a Homestay in Nepal

If you’re planning on doing the Community Homestay experience while you’re in Nepal, you have a lot to look forward to. But, part of this opportunity

Cooking Up a Storm at the Patan Community Homestay

When we arrived at our homestay in Patan, our host-mom greeted us with a smile and a gentle handshake as we said “Namaste.”

Getting Local in Nepal’s Community Homestays

While luxurious hotels with all the mod-cons can be a nice way to travel, travelers interested in getting to know local people and culture can find this a limiting way

What Nepali Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Perseverance
FORBES | Sept 26 2016

Nepal isn’t the type of place that jumps to your mind when you think about entrepreneurship and work life. In addition to being one 

Homestays – Alternative Style Accommodation

Homestays can be seen as a much better alternative to conventional hotel accommodation, providing a great opportunity for visitors to experience local

Food: A Perfect Window For Understanding Nepali Communities

Since my parents loved traveling I had this great opportunity to travel around and try foods from different communities. Even back home

6 Community-Based Travel Experiences On 6 Continents

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas roughly 20 miles southeast of Kathmandu lies Panauti, a historic Newari town. On the edge of

A Home Away from Home: Community Homestay in Nepal

What do you look for when you are traveling in a new country? New cuisine, outdoor adventures, or new landscapes? Among all the good aspects