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Patan Community Homestay
Patan, Nepal

  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Hosts serving Newari foods to Guests
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay
  • Patan Community Homestay

Lalitpur Metropolitan City, historically Patan is the third largest city of Nepal and it is located in the south-central part of Kathmandu valley which is a metropolitan city of Nepal. Patan city is renowned as artistic city and rich with cultural heritage.  Most of the art is devoted to Gods and there are an abundance of temples & bahals.

Patan Lalitpur is bounded by:

East: Imadol Khola

West: Kirtipur Municipality and Kathmandu City

North: Kathmandu City

South: Godavari Municipality

Lalitpur is believed to have been founded in the third century BC by the Kirat Dynasty and later expanded by Licchavis in the sixth century. It was furher expanded by the Mallas during the medieval period. There are many legends about the name of Lalitpur, the most populare one is related to the legend of God Rato Macchindranath.

Though Patan has been visited by massive no. of tourist each day to all kinds of services provided by hotels/lodges but still they are more stories to be experience in real. To make this happen, Patan Communtiy Homestay is established by local in Patan. The homestay will definitely be a life time experience with local families and acitivities they offer.  Communtiy Homestay focuses on an overall development of Patan & its locals which shall contribute in the preservervation and promotion of the city. It aims at preserving the precious culture and tradition which are shadowed inn this modern era.

About Patan Community Homestay

Patan homestay is community-based homestay, a collective and collaborative effort of bringing all the homestays together under one domain. The uniqueness and distinctness of Patan community homestay lie in its emphasis on making the guest experience a new Patan, its hidden beauty and untold stories. It focuses on an overall development of Patan and its locals which shall contribute in the preservation and promotion of the city.

Rooms and Sleeping Arrangements

They provide two kinds of rooms to the guests; small room with single bedroom and big room with double bedrooms. Every room shall have proper beds, chair, a cupboard, pillow, quilt, fan, etc. Most of the rooms are decorated with traditional local arts, crafts, antique piece, etc giving guests unique feeling.


Most of the homestay has one bathroom in each floor nearby the bedrooms, if not then at least one downstairs/upstairs. In some home stays, the guest needs to share common bathroom and toilets. Depending on the homestay both traditional and modern toilets facilities are found in homestays.


Guest can freely choose any kind of food they wish to eat; inside homestay and outside homestay. Those who want to have the entire meals prepared by host shall be provided in each meal.

For those who are willing to have meals outside the homestay can go to nearby restaurant and order whatever they want. Meals can be discussed in beforehand as per requirement of client. Example: veg/non-veg, sugar-free, less spicy, less oily, etc.

Patan has some excellent eateries and its surrounding areas. Honacha is one of the most popular local tradition delicacies. This place is famous for Newari cuisine Bara (Pancakes, which is made of soaked black lentils in a patty and later grilled) and choyla, which is buff grilled spicy meat.

Rice bear & Alia is a Newari beverage prepared from rice, grains and millet, which is most important part of local Newari festivals.

Communicating/Interacting with Host Family 

The locals are very friendly and easy going, always eager to chat with guests as much as they can. Most of the hosts may not be able to speak proper English so there might be some communication barriers between speaker and listener. Despite that, general English is understood by hosts and alongside children can be a translator in different scenarios.

Should guest need anything then they can ask the host for help. It is recommended to guests to ask for permission in some situations. Guests who seek to know and learn comprehensively about local culture can ask the host who shall never hesitate to facilitate you.

Water and Sanitation

The homestays are equipped with both cold and hot tap water facility ( though hot water may not be available in every homestay).The tap water can be used for  shower, laundry and toilet purpose. Jar water and filtered water shall be provided for drinking purpose which is very safe.

The host of the homestay shall give the necessary attention to maintain the sanitation part. Guest shall be provided with clean rooms, beds, blankets, linen, etc. The toilet and bathroom shall be provided with the necessary disinfectants and free from bad odor as well

Connectivity and Electricity  

Patan homestays shall provide 24hr electricity service. Since Kathmandu valley has been announced load shedding free zone in 2017 hence there won’t be any disturbances in power supply. During the occasional short power cut period the homestay shall provide portable lights to the guests.

How to get there?

Patan homestay lies in close proximity to Tribhuwan international airport, just 4km away. Since the city is reachable through many routes with access to roads, it won’t be hard for guests to reach there.  They have their own policy of attending and welcoming guest at a specific place, at the office of Patan homestay. It is located near Patan Dhoka, the main entrance gate to the city.


The activities under Patan homestay are comprehensively based on the active participation and involvement of the guest.Some of the major activities include: 

·        Local temple, Alleys (Gallis) and Bahal (Courtyard) visit.

·        Local market shopping (vegetable & spice market, souvenir, gifts, handicrafts, etc).

·        Snacks at local snack house with local alcohol / Rice Beer tasting.

·        Patan museum and Durbar Square visit along with other major historical places.

·        Interaction with host family for meals preparation (Especially during Dinner)

·        Training on selected form of art (metal, stone, wood, clay,and Paubha)

·        Birth Chart Prepartion (On Request)


There are various festivals celebrated in Patan. Few of the famous festivals are mentioned below:

·         Maghe Sankrati ( January)

·         Shiva Ratri (February)

·         Holi & Godha Jatra (March)

·         Rato Machindranath Jatra (May/June)

·         Bhoto Jatra (June)

·         Matya (July)

·         Gai Jatra (August)

·         Indra Jatra (Septemeber)

·         Dashain (October)

·         Tihar & Maha Puja (Novemeber)

·         Yomari Purnhi (December)


Few highlights of homestay in Patan are:  

·         Visit to major historical shrines

·         Newari cuisines and local liquor

·         Festivals observation

·         Market visit

·         Training in four forms of arts

·         Interactive food preparation

Best Period of Year to Visit The Homestay  

Located in the Kathmandu valley, the city of Patan has mild temperature making it favorable to visit throughout the whole calendar year. Patan homestays are actively operated with consistent and constant services hence guest are always welcomed the entire 365 days.

What To Expect?

The homestays are located in Patan which has access to all kinds of modern facilities. Despite that the city has maintained its ancientness and uniqueness in terms of culture, arts, practices, etc. Hence guest shall expect the combination of both modernity and ancientness .You can have all the modern facilities and yet you can feel the intimacy of the locals, their traditional lifestyles, etc.


They have been conducting 20-25 days homestay program for American high school students since 7 years. The consistent continuation of this program by them is an achievement on its own. The home stay community believe in bringing all the existing homestays of Patan under one domain and they have been  able to manage this  systematically so far.

Cost of the Homestay

They claim the cost of their  homestay  to be competitive and reasonable in line with other different homestays in the town. Guests and agencies both are happy to pay the cost and they make good living from the earning.  As of now the  cost starts from $20 per person  per night  stay including meals.


Patan is in the Warm Temperate Zone (elevation ranging from 1,200–2,300 meters (3,900–7,500 ft), where the climate is fairly temperate, atypical for the region. This zone is followed by the Cool Temperate Zone with elevation varying between 2,100–3,300 meters (6,900–10,800 ft). In Patan, the average summer temperature varies from 28–30 °C (82–86 °F). The average winter temperature is 10.1 °C (50.2 °F). The city generally has a climate with warm days followed by cool nights and mornings. Unpredictable weather is expected, given that temperatures can drop to 1 °C (34 °F) or less during the winter.

Packing For The Trip

Guests are recommended to do light packing for their visit to Patan homestays. Since, Home stay will be providing most of the necessary items such as quilt, towels ,blankets , shampoo, soap, toiletries, etc. guest are recommended to bring only their personal belongings and luggage with them.

Extra Package   

As of now Home stay community  only have two major package that has tried to cover all the major activities of the city . Their  packages has tried to become as much as comprehensive by including the highlighting factor of the town such as the art package and tour package .With more assessment , redefining the two packages, soon  they  shall be coming with new package with new activities , that might have been excluded in these packages.

Suggested Itinerary:

01 Night & 02 Days – Package

Day 01: 

Meeting point at Patan Dhoka and walk for few min to Residence area. Upon arrival host of the homestay will welcome and brief. After a few hours of rest, host of the homestay will served  lunch,  Patan tour with homestay host. Get back to Residence Homestay and experience lifetime living with homestay host by preparing Dinner and eating together with host family.

Day 02: 

Early morning market visit and get back to homesay for breakfast. Free time for few hours and departure by 11:00 AM

Suggested place to visit: 

Durbar Square, Sundari Chowk, Maha Buddha Temple, Rudravarna Mahavihara, Golden Temple, Kumari Bahal, Akeshwor Maha Vihara & many more.

Entrance Fee: USD 12.00 (NRS. 1200.00) Per Person:  

English Speaking City Tour Guide: USD 15.00  (On Request)

Alleys (Gallis)

Alleys in Patan are like maze which is one of the most unique attribute of Patan exclusively found in this place. The best part is these alleys are the ways they constructed in house arena. For a visitor these kinds of alleys are almost like solving like a puzzle, once entering from one part then don't know where to end up. The Alleys in Patan are narrow path like snake in between private homes and buildings and usually open up to open spaces (Chowks) that could be semi-private & public.

Major Shrine, Bahals & Vihara in Patan

Patan City is a marvel of Newar architecture and the square floor is tiled with red bricks. There are major Shrines & Bahals in Patan found in every corner of the city having their own cultural and historical importance built by the Newa People.



- Breakfast

- Either Lunch or Dinner

- Sightseeing around the town with the host family

- Newari liquors on request


- Personal Expenses

- Transportation to & from Homestay

- Entrance Fees

A link to the exact pick up location and the detailed address will be sent to your account email id once the payment is complete.

  • Patan is an ancient city and possesses a large historic and legendary values. So do the homestay houses. Most of the houses are built in a very typical Newari style. Newari people have rich culture and tradition and it reflects in each houses. The rooms are decorated in a very typical Newari style. Simple beds and local mattresses assure you a comfortable stay. There are western toilets in all houses with hot shower facility. Shared kitchen and living area gives you a homely feeling. As the houses are located in historical site, every time you look out of your window you will see rich culture and tradition in every part of the city.
First aid kit
Family/kid friendly
Hot Shower
Western Toilet
Iron on Request
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Host: Muna Bajracharya

Patan is an ancient Newar town full of authentic experiences. If you...

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Host: Muna Bajracharya

Patan is an ancient Newar town full of authentic experiences. If you...

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