Barauli is a small Tharu village close to Chitwan National Park. Famous for its wildlife, the area is less known for its rich cultural value. You can have a lovely jungle ride for about an hour to spot some wild animals. The ride ends at Narayani River where you can admire the beautiful sunset. This town gives you a good impression of the Tharu culture and to experience some wildlife during your jungle safari.

The community of Barauli is home to a few hotels and lodges, but is generally a much quieter, less spoilt and more ‘local’ kind of place than Sauraha, where many visitors to Chitwan head. During a guided evening bike ride around the village, past vibrant green rice paddies, immaculate mud homes with giant piles of hay outside, and down to the banks of the Narayani River for a blood-orange sunset, you may be the only tourist around. This bike ride is a highlight of a stay in Barauli, as you get to see Tharu village life close-up.

The second highlight is spotting nine one-horned rhinoceros safari through the Chitwan National Park. With around 600 of the giant animals in the park, a rhino sighting is all but guaranteed. You can be confident that a stay at the Barauli Community Homestay will be peaceful, relaxing, and that the largest animal you will encounter will be a domestic cow.

$150 per guest

About Your Guide

Barauli Community Homestay is completely run by women, providing women with diversified income in the region. Several different activities and livelihoods have been built out of this homestay program for the women — and women work as waitresses and cooks, host cooking classes within their own kitchens, and act as local guides, escorting visitors on village walks and bike rides. With funds raised through tourism, the Barauli community has invested in cleanliness programs, funded a teacher at a local school, improved agricultural techniques and added new guest houses for tourists.

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What's Included
  • Guide Charges
  • Accommodation
  • Meals: Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast
  • Jeep safari with partk permit
  • Cycles
What's Excluded
  • Personal expenses
  • Transport to Barauli

Explore Chitwan national Park from Barauli in pictures

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