Located at the edge of the Eastern development region of Nepal and bordering with India, almost untouched by any industrialization and extensive settlement, Shree Antu in Ilam gives a look at Mother Nature at its purest and beautiful landscape of the tea gardens that it is most known for. To the North is the Kanchenjunga- the world’s third highest mountain (8586m). The hills, as contrary to the Far-western region, are small and the place boasts of stunning Antu pokhari in the lap of small green hills, fields of lali gurans and mesmerizing views.

A brisk walk in the tea garden, tranquil picnic and sightseeing stops, short treks along gentle slopes, or a trudge into the nearby woods are some of the recreation the place offers.

Though originally of Limbu predominance, the place is now home to people of Limbu, Rai, Lepcha, Magar, Tamang ethnicity and more.


The community homestay was established in 2000 A.D and got legally registered in 2009 A.D. As of today, 36 families have opened their houses for the tourists from all around the world. Ilam is also popular among the internal tourists, there is a good flow of guests throughout the year.


Shree Antu has had reparations made on their roads so it is pitched and more accessible for tourists.

The home stays here offer homes made of wood  (except for the foundation which is made of cement). While some houses have attached bathrooms, others have squat toilets outside the house but they’re all very close to the rooms. Buckets of hot water are also provided for shower.

To compliment the beauty of tea fields and Laliguras (rhododendron- Nepal’s national flower), every house in the vicinity has a garden and a flower nursery alongside. Their specialty is the Orchids, which is usually hard to find due to their prime conditions being very precise.

The host family prepares all meals and breakfast generally consists of rotis, local honey, eggs or clarified butter made from the cows’ milk. Of course, breakfast is merely an excuse to enjoy more of the delicious local tea. For lunch and dinner, you will have the signature Nepali dish: dal, bhat, tarkari (lentils, rice, and vegetable curry) available with local chicken and other.

The families treat you like their own and are mostly busy with farming from March to November but always enthusiastic to show you around their farms.

The experience of a homestay is unbeatable and gives you a more intimate INSIGHT at the diverse Nepali Culture. The taste of local food and lifestyle with the locals is sure to make your stay memorable.

Things to Do


Sunrises are naturally captivating but the ones from Shree Antu view tower is sure to relax your spirit and take your mind off the stress that you’ve been wanting to escape.


Witnessing the ironsmith at work

It’s almost a blessing to be able to witness the ironsmith artistically shape, carve and mould out all the tools the locals would need for agriculture and other purposes.


Antu Pokhari and boating

The lake that the place was named after provides both beauty and a fun boating experience as birds fly overhead.


Horse Riding

A slightly unexpected but very enjoyable feature of Illam is horse riding! Be careful not to trot down the middle of the tea field though!


Tea picking

When you’re at the land of tea production, its almost obligatory to do some tea picking yourself. Spending time with the host family and picking the leaves is an entertaining way of spending your time.

Visit to the Tea Factory

If you are interested in how the tea is made, you’ll have to visit the tea factory. Follow step by step the process of the tea, from the removal of bad leaves to the tasting. You are able to see every step of the way, but make sure you come during the harvesting season; otherwise there will be no production in the factory.


Trip to Ilam

The center of Ilam is a small city with friendly faces. Go shopping at one of the many jewelry shops or find the perfect tea to trigger your taste buds. At multiple shops you have a tea tasting corner and the shop owners are more than happy to let you taste the finest teas. If you are more a nature lover, go visit Chiya Baari National Park to see tea fields as far as your eyes can reach.



When you’ve wrapped up all the festivities of Dashain and Tihar, backpacking to Shree Antu may be your best choice. Tea plucking around Bhadra (August-November) might just be what you need!


Authentic Beauty in a Tea pot

$22 per guest per night

About Your Hosts

Illam is home to world renowned tea farmers. By day, the villagers work on their tea farmers & tend to their crops while the kids play in the tea gardens.

What's Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Community walk
What To Bring
  • Hiking Shoes

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