Dance itself is a delightful sight, Tharu Culture is enriched with their unique set of folk songs and cultural dances. It offers the opportunity for the people to express their culture and traditions in pleasing way.


The villagers are proud to display their typical costume and dances that are particular to the Tharu people. By presenting their traditional dances, this does a lot to help preserve their rich culture.

How it's done

You will see at least five of the main dances including a Bhajayati dance where adults dance beating long sticks. The Thekara dance is performed using two short sticks, while the Dafu dance is performed using a musical instrument made of skin and decorated with feathers. The Jhumara dance is performed thirteen days after the death of a person. You may also see a Peacock dance, Fire dance, and other traditional dances. You will be welcome to join the villagers to dance at the end!

$12 per guest
What's Included
  • Musical Instruments
  • Local Dancers
  • Community Ambiance
What To Bring
  • Warm Clothes
  • Trousers

Chitwan's Authentic Tharu Cultural Dance in Barauli in pictures

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Anyone looking for a delightful culture experience.

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Chitwan's Authentic Tharu Cultural Dance in Barauli