Patlekhet Homestay consists of majority Brahmin and Chettri community. The cultural program includes a "Jhankri" Dance and a "Lok Dohori" song.


The villagers are proud to display their typical costume and dances that are particular to the locals. By presenting their traditional dances, this does a lot to help preserve their rich culture.

How its done?

"Jhankri" dance is a rare form of dance found in Nepal where a Jhankri (shaman) or his apprentice sing mantras, enchant and dance while beating a special drum (Dhyangro). While the performance is carried out, the Shaman connects with the spirit world and acts as the mediator in communicating with the livings. Though the practice is widely controversial due to its scientific significance, this activity is practiced as a performance of ancient and traditional culture.


"Lok dohori" is a duet singing and dancing challenge performed live, the singers throw punchlines to their opponent and conclude every punchline with a rhyme. This could be like a debate in the form of song, the participants could talk about funny moments, love songs, general problems or anything that makes appealing sense to the listeners. This genre is found only in Nepal and is also a very popular form of music in Nepal.

$90 per guest
What's Included
  • Local Performers
  • Musical Instruments
  • Community Gathering (special case)
What To Bring
  • Comfortable Clothes

Patlekhet, Dhulikhel Dance of the Locals in Cultural Program in pictures

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Cancellation Policy

Full refund will be issued if cancellation is within 48 hours of arrival. 50% will be charged if canceled within 48hours and 100% will be charged for no show.

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Interested in Culture and Community.

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Patlekhet, Dhulikhel Dance of the Locals in Cultural Program