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Panauti Community Homestay: Staying with a Nepali family | Embracing Sustainable Tourism

Panauti Community Homestay: Staying with a Nepali family | Embracing Sustainable Tourism

by Christine Kaaloa in Nepal

If you’re like me, you strive for “authentic” experiences. You want to feel connected to a place and to have experiences over just really cool photographs (okay, strike that~ cool photographs are important too)….You want it all!

Homestays in Nepal are a good place to start, and the additional benefit is that you’ll be supporting sustainable tourism. My Panauti Community Homestay was one of the many wonderful highlights of my Nepal trip and it brought Nepal even closer to my heart.

Community Homestay creates positive impact for tourists and locals

Community Homestay (founded by Royal Mountain Travel)  is a village homestay program in Nepal currently comprised of eleven village communities in Nepal : Panauti, Chitwan/Taru tribe, Nagarkot, Annapurna, Patan, Bardia and more!  Often, these homestays in Nepal are in semi-rural areas with a farming community, where sustainable tourism has greater impact.

The Community Homestay program was created to empower the women of the community.  The program  teaches the women English, while training them in confidence skills and in maintaining hygienic and comfortable standards for a traveler’s stay.  This allows the women to become breadwinners in their families, while also gaining respect as income-earners in the community.  On a community level, it reinforces the value of preserving culture and keeping their community facilities in good working condition. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for empowering women (especially because in most countries – even the U.S.- farming is laborious work with unpredictable yields. Farmers make very little in income).

In Panauti, fifteen families in are part of the Panauti homestay community. Your money goes towards the community and not just the family you stay with!