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Panauti Community Homestay
Panauti, Nepal

  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay
  • Panauti Community Homestay


If you are looking for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and want to explore historical and cultural aspects of Nepal, a trip to Panauti is the perfect getaway.

Just 36 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu, Panauti is a beautiful historic town with an ancient atmosphere. 

Get close to the authentic lifestyle of the Nepali people, socialize with the villagers of Panauti and breathe the fresh air of the lush Panauti Valley.

Empowering Women

Panauti Community Homestay welcomes visitors into fifteen local homes, all run by women according to the motto “Run by Women for Women’s Empowerment”.

In 2013, fifteen women from Panauti became involved in this initiative as a way of raising their status and income through tourism. Like in other parts of Nepal, the role of women here is often relegated to that of just a housewife, with few outside opportunities. To challenge this notion, the women of Panauti collectively opened their houses to travelers from all around the world. With the help of Royal Mountain Travel, they initiated the homestay programme so they could interact with guests, improve their English and find sustainable income through tourism.

At present, local women are successfully running the homestay projects, while their husbands and children also lend a hand. Since 2013, the number of households in Panauti offering homestays has risen to seventeen.

How your visit helps our community

The Community Homestay has allowed the local women of Panauti to take on greater responsibilities in their homes and communities. It has given them confidence as they take care of and guide their guests around their town.

After being provided English classes through the homestay programme, the women can now speak English with guests, an achievement that some of them had never thought possible. Moreover, they are earning a living for themselves and their families. The homestay programme has helped with social and economic growth and helped women play a stronger role in the community.

The environmental impacts of the homestay are impressive. Most families have already installed solar panels in their houses. They have become more conscious about sanitation and hygiene, as well as waste management, by organizing waste management programmes every month. This has inspired other families in the community, too.

Since it started, Panauti Community Homestay has served more than 1600 guests. A percentage of profits have been invested in education and scholarships for the children of Panauti.

What to Expect?

As you will be staying in a local home, it’s important to know that your stay won’t be like that in a hotel. Facilities are basic but comfortable, and you’ll be living the same way the homestay families do. This is the magic of the homestay experience! Remember you are in the homestay for an authentic Nepali experience, not for luxury and comfort.

You will taste local foods, too. Our homestays offer only Nepali foods, but your hosts will be happy to adhere to any dietary requirements (vegetarian/vegan etc.)

The homestay promises you many unique stories and memories. You’ll always remember wearing traditional Nepali dress, cooking and eating local recipes, and laughing with your host family. You may even get the chance to plant rice in the field with your host family, collect fruit and vegetables from their garden, or learn Nepali words. In the community homestays you are treated more than just a guest: you become the part of the family.

Standard Cost

Cost of homestay per pax per night- $26


Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

- Sightseeing around the town with the host family


- Personal expenses

- Transport to & from homestay

- Entrance fee

How to Get to Panauti with Public Transport

It is not too hard to get to Panauti with public transport. Head to the Old Bus Park in Kathmandu (https://goo.gl/maps/bzzCZxCqxRz) and ask for the local bus to Panauti. Ask the locals at the Old Bus Park to tell you which bus to take, as we do not number our buses in Nepal. It takes 1-2 hours, depending on traffic, and should cost you 60 rupees one-way. The conductor will collect the money from you during the bus ride.

The bus stops at the Panauti Bus Station. Look for the big Janata Bank sign and take the street to the right of this bank (a few shops down). Walk up the street and around the bend; continue walking for about 10 minutes and you will see our Panauti Community Homestay office on your right. It is a small green building with the Panauti Homestay sign out the front. If you can’t find it, ask a local and they should know where it is.

How to Get to Panauti with Private Transport

We can assist you with organizing private transport to Panauti. The cost of private transport from Kathmandu to Panauti is $45, one way.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own private transport to Panauti with a taxi or driver.

Rooms & Sleeping Arrangements

Homestays in Panauti offer a total of 26 rooms in 17 houses, able to accommodate 52 people at once. The rooms are small and simply furnished but include everything you need, including bed sheets, warm blankets, and pillow covers. In some houses, there are twin beds, whereas in others there are double beds. Locally made mattresses are placed on simple wooden beds.

Water jugs (providing clean, boiled water) and glasses are placed on the table inside the rooms, and you will also find bathroom towels for use. Rooms are simply carpeted or boarded, and each room has a dustbin. Some houses provide a room heater in the colder months, but warm blankets are always provided. There are also mosquito repellent liquids in every room, and a fly screen or window so that you can keep mosquitoes and bugs out of the room.

The homestay owners have tried their best to provide their guests a very comfortable stay. However, this is not like a typical hotel stay. If for any reason you are unhappy with your homestay or you have any requests that the host family can’t help you with, either call the main office (977-1-4444376/78/79) or visit the local office in Panauti.  


All houses have bathrooms inside, mostly attached to the rooms. As squat toilets are more popular in Nepal, there are squat toilets in some houses (3-4 homes), while there are Western-style toilets in others (13-14 homes). If you feel uncomfortable with non-Western bathrooms, you can specifically request a home with a Western-style toilet when you make your booking.

The bathrooms are small but clean. Toilet paper is provided. There are wash basins and soaps inside the bathrooms, but other toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo are not provided, so please bring your own.

Many of the houses have now installed solar panels so you can enjoy a hot shower. In houses without hot showers, you can inform your host ahead of time when you’d like to wash, so they can provide you with a bucket of hot water.


As Panauti is a typical Newari town, get ready to be blown away by Newari cuisine! You will be provided three meals each day, as well as snacks in between. You can advise your host when you would like to eat your meals.

The Nepali dietary staple is dal bhat (steamed basmati rice with lentil soup, curried vegetables, and potatoes). All three of your daily meals will be a bit different. Some other options include chapatti, puri, momos, and different kinds of curries.

All ingredients come either from the host’s own field or from those of neighboring villagers. The food is fresh and hygienic and can be made less or more spicy, as per your request.

(If you have specific dietary requirements (e.g. allergies, vegetarian, gluten-free) please advise us when you book. Our host families can accommodate your food requirements.)

Communicating with Locals/Families

In Panauti there will always be someone who can speak English with you. Most women in the project are not educated, but their children or husbands can help speak with you, and answer any questions you may have.

We have provided English lessons to the main women of the house, so they are able to understand and speak some basic English. They can welcome you, introduce themselves, and show you around their house using English. We encourage you to interact with them, as it greatly helps their English and your cultural exchange. You even have the opportunity to learn some Nepali words too!

Unfortunately, at the moment, our homestay hosts cannot speak any other foreign languages aside from English.  

Water & Sanitation

During your Panauti Community Homestay, you are provided with boiled drinking water. To reduce the use of plastic bottles and help clean up Nepal’s environment, hosts provide boiled drinking water instead of bottled water. The water is good to drink, and you can ask for as much as you want once the water jug at your room empties.

The locals of Panauti are concerned about environmental sanitation, and you will find the town is less polluted than Kathmandu. The homestay families organize cleanliness programmes in the community. The houses where you will stay are very clean and tidy.

The community homestay programme has taught the host families to be more conscious of health and hygiene, which has spread to the wider community.

Connectivity & Electricity

Most of the homestay houses contain Wi-Fi, so you have internet access 24/7. If your homestay does not offer Wi-Fi, the Panauti area does get reasonable 3G cell phone connectivity.

All homes have a shared living area where you can join the family and watch TV anytime.

It is uncommon for Panauti to experience power cuts. There is generally electricity at all times, except during big storms and power outages.


The average annual temperature in Panauti is 17.2 °C. The town has a moderate climate, neither too hot nor too cold. The most pleasant weather in Panauti occurs from mid-August to October, and mid-February to May.

The warmest months are June, July, and August, when rainfall is also heaviest, although not continual. The coldest months are November to February when the temperature might fall to 0 °C at night, but the days are still usually warm and sunny (18 - 24°C). Throughout the year, mornings are always cooler, so don’t forget to bring along a warm jacket with you.


While staying in Panauti you can participate in the following activities:

Tour of Panauti: Panauti is a beautiful historical town, believed to be one of the oldest in the Kathmandu area. Start your tour in the narrow alleys. Most of the temples, monuments, and satals (community shelters) are made of terracotta and beautifully carved wooden columns. The historical monuments date back to the 13th century and even earlier, yet they are preserved so well.

At the heart of the town is the old Newari area. The main temple of Panauti, Indreshwor Temple, dates back to the 13th century. It is surrounded by several other small temples, and there’s a museum inside its premises. (Note a 300 rupee fee is required if you would like to enter the Indreshwor temple)

From there you will be taken to the cremation ghats beside the river, considered to be a very sacred place. You can climb up the beautiful Gorakhnath Dada for a great view of the town.

Hiking to nearby villages: Take a short hike to a nearby Tamang or Brahman village. Get a panoramic view of Panauti from high up in the hills. This is a great opportunity to spot native Nepali birds.

Hiking to Namo Buddha: If you are staying here for two or more nights, a hike to Namo Buddha (a local Tibetan monastery and pilgrimage town) is not to be missed. The hike takes about 5-6 hours, return.

Daily Nepali activities: While staying at the homestay you can involve yourself in your hosts’ daily activities, such as walking through the vegetable fields and collecting fresh vegetables and fruit. Or, you can simply chat with them and learn about their traditions and language.

Cooking class: In the evening you can participate in a cooking class with the family and learn to make Nepali food such as momos, yomari, paratha or dal bhat. You can even take some Nepali recipes home with you.

Dress like a Nepali: Dress like a typical Nepali as the family offers you their traditional dresses to try on. Feel like a star and have your photo taken true Nepali style.

Seasonal activities: There a lot of seasonal activities you can get involved in while visiting. The main occupation for locals in Panauti is agriculture, and agricultural activities and festivals are held throughout the year.



Planting rice


Harvesting rice


Planting potatoes


Potato harvesting


Planting maize



Panauti also observes hundreds of local festivals yearly and you can celebrate them with the host families.




Naag Panchami

 28 July 2017

Janai Purnima

 28 July 2017

Gai Jatra

 8 August 2017

Krishna Jamastami

 11 August 2017


 17 August 2017

Father's Day

 23 August 2017

Rishi Panchami

 August 26 2017


 21 Sep-30 Sep 2017


 17 Oct-21 Oct 2017

Yomari Punhi

 03 December 2017

Swosthani Brata

 01 January 2018

Maghe Sankranti

 15 January 2018

Shree Panchami

 22 January 2018

Maha Shivaratri

 14 February 2018

Ram Nawami/ Chaitay Dasain

  25 March 2018


Suggested Itinerary

Itinerary 1:  Happy Local Lunch at Panauti Community Homestay 

- Pick-up at Kathmandu hotel and drive to Bhaktapur

- Bhaktapur sightseeing

- Drive to Panauti

- Lunch at Panauti Community Homestay

- Panauti sightseeing

- Drive back to Kathmandu


USD 40 per pax


- Transport to and from Panauti Community Homestay

- Lunch at the homestay

- English-speaking guide


- Entrance Fee

 - Personal Expenses

Itinerary 2: Community Hike

Day 1- Private transfer from Kathmandu to Sanga, Community Hike via Chamkharka village to Panauti, Overnight in Panauti Community Homestay (Room, lunch & dinner)

Day 2- Excursion to Panauti, local activities, overnight in homestay (room, breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 3- Departure onwards (breakfast)


Based on 1 Pax: $170

- Based on 2 Pax: $220


- Private transport from Kathmandu to Sanga

- Two nights’ accommodation

- One day hiking

- Private transportation from Panauti to Kathmandu


- Personal expenses

- Entrance

- Tips for Guide

Itinerary 3: One Day Community Hike

- Pick up at KTM hotel & Drive to Sanga

- Hike to Panauti via Cham Kharka Village

- Lunch with local people of Panauti & Drive back to KTM


- Based on 01 Pax: USD 116.00

- Based on 02 Pax: USD 62.00

- Based on 03 Pax: USD 68.00

- Based on 04 Pax: USD 53.00


- Pick-up & Drop transportation cost

- English Speaking Hiking Guide

- Local Lunch at Panauti

Packing For Your Trip

- A warm jacket for cool mornings

- A sandal or light shoe for walking through the town

- Hiking boots if you plan to hike in the hills

- Umbrella or rain jacket just in case (especially June-August)

- Sunblock/Sunhats/Sunglasses

- Insect repellent

- Toiletries


A link to the exact pick up location and the detailed address will be sent to your account email id once the payment is complete

  • Rooms are locally built, simple, but well furnished,clean and comfortable. Bathrooms are modern with hot water facility. Each house has different kind of rooms. There are single rooms in some houses whereas some do have double rooms or twin rooms. You will be staying in a local house with a local family. So the rooms and beds are not as modern as in the hotels. The rooms are not deluxe but well maintained and as per standard assuring a comfortable stay.
First aid kit
Family/kid friendly
Hot Shower
Western Toilet
Iron on Request
Listing Base Price - US$26.00

Choose your add-ons (All prices listed are in addition to base price.)

+ Hotel Pick Up, Drop To Panauti. (From inside the Kathmandu Valley only. The total cost is based on sharing basis for three guests at a time.)
+ Hike to Namobuddha
+ Community Hike (Sanga-Panauti)
+ Lunch At the Homestay ( For guests who is not staying at the homestay and going to Pnauti CH only for Lunch)
Reviews (1)
Bipin Bajracharya

8 Mar 2017

The homestay was a real highlight of the whole trip. The village is beautiful and the welcome we got from the local families was amazing. We enjoyed being part of the family and the tour of the old village as well as the morning birdwatching. Our hosts
were really welcoming. Particular thanks to Ashok our guide and his family. He was a brilliant guide and his family were so welcoming. I would fully recommend it!

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Host: Shila And Panauti Family

We are the group of seventeen houses. We welcome you to our houses to ...

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Reviews (1)
Bipin Bajracharya

8 Mar 2017

The homestay was a real highlight of the whole trip. The village is beautiful and the welcome we got from the local families was amazing. We enjoyed being part of the family and the tour of the old village as well as the morning birdwatching. Our hosts
were really welcoming. Particular thanks to Ashok our guide and his family. He was a brilliant guide and his family were so welcoming. I would fully recommend it!

Host Cancellation Policy

Standard: No cancellation fee will be charged

Host: Shila And Panauti Family

We are the group of seventeen houses. We welcome you to our houses to ...

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