Belkot is a beautiful village that is surrounded by green hills and terrace farms. You are welcome to participate in some of the traditional farming practices and assist your hosts in their fields. You might like to try your hand planting rice with the muddy fields, or just explore the diverse culture and lifestyle within this small community with your Nepalese family.


Nuwakot was close to the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake and the village suffered extensive damage. The secondary school in center of the village provides a vibrant focal point. Although it was almost completely destroyed, it has been rebuilt with help from Royal Mountain Travel and its partners.

The Community Homestay initiative has been a valuable way to help this village rise up from the dust.   


The community currently have seven homes with rooms available for guests, though this might increase as villagers rebuild their homes that were damaged in the earthquake (originally 12 families offered accommodation). The homes offer basic but clean and comfortable rooms. As this is a poor rural village, the toilet and bathroom are outside. You are made to feel very welcome however, and a part of the family. You can easily wander around this lovely village with the locals to soak in the flavour of rural life. Nuwakot Community Homestay supports their local schools and learning centres and while staying here, you are welcome to visit the schools and maybe volunteer to help teach or just simply share your ideas about health, education, and hygiene with the local community to encourage and inspire them for better tomorrows.

Things to do

Village walk

The village is quite compact and easy to get around. You are very welcome to visit the neighbours and hang out in the village tea shop, chatting to the locals.

Visit the school

The main higher secondary school in the village center is always a hive of activity. Badly damaged during the earthquake, it has been largely restored by help from RMT and their partners. The teachers and students will be very happy to see you.


For anyone with some time who would like to help at the school, you would be very welcome. Contact for further information.

Visit Nuwakot, ancient capital of Nepal

An hour drive from Belkot, you can find the ancient city of Nuwakot with its fort and old palace building. Although damaged in the earthquake, it still retains a lot of charm and is worth a visit.


Nuwakot: Ancient capital city of the Kathmandu Valley

Voluntarism in Nepal from Melbourne University with Royal Mountain Travel

Exchanging Culture for a Concrete Future

Project Nepal: Volunteering in Nepal Post Earthquake

Climate and Weather

At an altitude of about 1000 m, Belkot has a temperate climate, with average temperature ranging from 31° Celsius during summer and 20° Celsius during winter.


The best time to visit Belkot is from October till May, the weather during this period is pleasant or warm with no or moderate rain

$23 per guest per night

About Your Hosts

Nuwakot is home to a farming community, by day the villagers work in the fields tending to their crops and livestock. The children spend the day in the school and their evenings playing football or hide and seek.

What's Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Community Walk
What To Bring
  • Hiking Shoes
Experience Local Activities

Each community has authentic and local activities you can participate in. Hike through the Himalayas, dance with locals, learn pottery or spot tigers in the jungle - you will get to further explore Nepal’s culture with your local hosts.

Nuwakot Community Homestay in pictures

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Cancellation Policy

Full refund will be issued if cancellation is within 48 hours of arrival. 50% will be charged if canceled within 48hours and 100% will be charged for no show.

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This experience requires little to no physical abilities

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